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Dental technology continues to improve, and we are pleased to incorporate high-tech tools in our dental practice at Stambaugh Family Dental in the Springfield and Eugene areas. Modern dental technology not only means we can provide more accurate diagnoses, but it almost always improves the patient experience.

Read below to learn more about the technology we use to make your time in our dental office as efficient and as relaxing as possible.

Digital X-Rays

For most of our patients, we recommend annual x-rays. This enables Dr. Stambaugh to see beyond what can be viewed with a visual examination. Problems that might be lurking below the surface, such as decay, bone loss, infection, and other oral abnormalities, will be revealed. The earlier treatment can be given, the better the outcome.

Digital x-rays are safer than their traditional counterparts because they emit less radiation. They are also better for the environment because there are no films or chemicals involved. Digital x-rays can also be quickly emailed to insurance companies or specialists, so there are fewer delays for needed dental treatment. 

Patient Comfort

We take the comfort of our patients seriously, so we have the following available in our treatment rooms:

  • New generation heated and/or massaging dental chairs
  • Televisions at each treatment chair and on the ceilings
  • Neck pillows and soft blankets
  • Computer screens at each treatment chair so patients can view the details of recommended treatments

Patients can also enjoy our coffee/tea bar and bottled water in the waiting area before their appointment. 

Nitrous Oxide

Many patients have dental anxiety, and this keeps them from coming to the dentist for routine examinations and cleanings. Because preventive care is so important to your oral and overall health, we offer our patients the option of using nitrous oxide when they are here.

This colorless, odorless gas is breathed in through a nasal mask and almost instantly puts patients into a relaxed state. Patients remain fully conscious during treatment but they experience an overall feeling that is almost euphoric.

Because nitrous leaves the body quickly, most patients can drive themselves back to work or home after treatment.

Panoramic X-Rays

Panoramic x-rays offer Dr. Stambaugh a flat view of the mouth, jawbone, sinus cavities, and temporomandibular joint, which is not available with a regular digital x-ray. This provides just another way that dental problems can be discovered early when they are easier—and often less expensive—to treat.

Digital Sensors

Digital sensors mean your dental procedure can be completed more quickly and more accurately than ever before, so you spend less time in the dental chair. Digital sensors make it possible to capture instant radiographs of the teeth for you and your dentist to review together.

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