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Why do I need to come to the dentist if I am not having any trouble with my teeth?

Preventive care is crucial to good oral health, and this includes coming to our Springfield, OR dental office twice each year for examinations and cleanings. Routine maintenance is the best way to prevent many dental emergencies.

We commend patients who practice good home care with proper brushing and flossing, but even the most diligent care cannot remove the calculus (tartar) that builds up on teeth. This can only be removed with special dental instruments. If it is not removed, it can lead to gum inflammation and periodontal disease. A dental cleaning also includes a teeth polishing that can help remove surface stains.

Other parts of your routine checkups include:

  • Diagnostic x-rays to detect potential issues that cannot be seen by the naked eye, such as tooth decay and infection. X-rays also enable your dentist to view the roots of your teeth.
  • Oral cancer screening for early detection of any abnormalities.
  • Gum disease evaluation. Gum disease is often present with no signs or symptoms, so people are unaware that they have it. Left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss.
  • Examination of the integrity of the restorations you already have in your mouth, including fillings and dental crowns.

Has it been a while since your last dental appointment? Schedule an examination and cleaning with us so you can maintain good oral health!

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