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What makes professional teeth whitening better than over-the-counter whitening options?

Many people are unhappy with the color of their teeth. Teeth tend to collect stains over the years, both from lifestyle choices as well as the natural aging process.

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic procedure here at our Eugene, OR dental practice because it is affordable—and because it offers consistent results for our patients. Most people who have tried over-the-counter whitening options are disappointed with the results. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Most over-the-counter whitening kits are used improperly, which leads to many complaints about sensitivity issues after treatment. It also means that results are minimal, at best.
  • Some products, such as whitening toothpastes, contain harsh abrasives, which can damage the tooth surface.
  • Over-the-counter whitening strips and gels do not contain the same strong formula we can offer with our professional whitening treatment.
  • Our professional whitening trays are custom-made to fit your teeth, so more of the whitening gel touches the tooth surface, providing better, more consistent results.

Why not make your smile whiter and brighter with professional teeth whitening? With our custom whitening trays, you can enjoy a smile that is up to four to six shades whiter. Call us today to make an appointment!

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